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Key Idea: If a force acts on an object in the same direction as the direction of its motion, the object’s speed will continue to increase while the force is acting.

Students are expected to know that:

  1. If a force is acting on an object to push or pull it forward, the object will continue to move faster and faster in the forward direction the entire time the force is acting.
  2. If an object’s speed is increasing, then a force must be acting on the object the entire time its speed is increasing.


  1. Students are expected to analyze situations involving no more than two forces acting on an object at the same time that act along the object’s line of motion. Students are not expected to analyze situations in which the force is acting at an angle other than along the object’s line of motion, which would change the direction of the object’s motion.
  2. Test items will involve situations in which forces are constant, not situations in which the forces are increasing or decreasing.