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Item WC089002: Clouds can form anywhere, even far from bodies of water, because air with water in it can move into an area and form clouds.

Where can new clouds form?

  1. New clouds form only near factories and cities because clouds need pollution in the air to form.
  2. New clouds form only over lakes or oceans because clouds need a body of water below them to form.
  3. New clouds can form anywhere, even far from bodies of water and cities because water in the air can move from place to place and can form clouds without pollution.
  4. New clouds do not form. Clouds just move from place to place.
Distribution of Responses
Chart showing distrubtion of responses for Item WC089002
Students Responding Correctly
Group Correct Total Percent
Overall 833 1455 57%
  6–8 532 932 57%
  9–12 301 522 58%
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