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Item AM061003: It would take millions of atoms to make a line across a small dot (about one millimeter in diameter).

About how many atoms would it take to make a line across this dot: ?

  1. 6
  2. 600
  3. 6000
  4. 6,000,000
(Modified from Mulford and Robinson, 2002)
Distribution of Responses
Chart showing distrubtion of responses for Item AM061003
Students Responding Correctly
Group Correct Total Percent
Overall 1906 4035 47%
  6–8 708 1883 38%
  9–12 1190 2135 56%
Primary Language

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NRC Framework
PS1.A: While too small to be seen with visible light, atoms...
NGSS does not address the size of atoms except to say that all matter is made of atoms and that atoms are too small to be seen with visible light.