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Item EG028004: For two balloons that contain the same amount of air, the air with the lower temperature has less thermal energy than the air with the higher temperature.

Balloon 1 and Balloon 2 are filled with the same amount of air. The air in Balloon 1 is cooled so that it is at a lower temperature than the air in Balloon 2. The air in which of these balloons has less thermal energy?

  1. The air in Balloon 1 has less thermal energy.
  2. The air in Balloon 2 has less thermal energy.
  3. The air in Balloon 1 and the air in Balloon 2 have the same amount of thermal energy.
  4. Neither the air in Balloon 1 nor the air in Balloon 2 has any thermal energy.
Distribution of Responses
Chart showing distrubtion of responses for Item EG028004
Scale Score for Item Difficulty
Students Responding Correctly
Group Correct Total Percent
Overall 1559 2987 52%
  6–8 875 1683 52%
  9–12 677 1293 52%
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